Open Thread: Questions You Won’t Hear at Presidential Debates But Should

Even if an elite journalist is actually committed to being fair, unless he actively fights to overcome the worldview of the vast majority of his colleagues, bias is going to creep into coverage. It’s only natural since reporters are humans.

But what if we had a news media where you actually had questions which were contrary to the liberal Democrat worldview? Hard to imagine, granted, but our friends at Investor’s Business Daily have done just that. Here are just a few that they would like to see asked of President Obama:

  • Most economists agree this is the worst recovery since the Depression. In 2009, you said that if you couldn't turn the economy around by now your presidency would be a "one-term proposition." Why shouldn't voters take you up on that? [...]
  • Biographer David Maraniss documents 38 fabrications in your memoir, "Dreams From My Father." If readers can't trust you to be honest in your autobiography, why should voters trust you with another term? [...]
  • On several occasions you've led voters to believe your cancer-stricken mother was denied "treatment" for a "pre-existing condition" and had to fight her insurer for payment on her death bed. But a reporter found that Cigna in fact paid all her medical bills. Did you tell a story about your own mother to help sell ObamaCare?

What questions would you like debate moderator Jim Lehrer ask at tomorrow night’s presidential debate?

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Debates Open Thread
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