Open Thread: Comment System Changeover

By now if you've been reading NB over the past few days, you've noticed the long-promised addition of Disqus comments. Now that we've had a couple of days to let you try it out, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions about the setup here in this posting. I will answer them in this thread.

One observation I've seen made several times is that there are a lot of liberal trolls popping up now. The reason for this is that we have temporarily decided to allow unregistered comments. This decision was made in response to the complaints of some NBers who haven't wanted to register with Disqus.

In order to accomodate them, I've decided to allow unregistered postings, at least for now. If that results in more trolls than the community would like, we will reverse this decision.

Please feel free to sound off or ask any questions you have about Disqus.

Admin Notes
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