Open Thread: Bad Night for RINOS and Unions

(Note to commenters: This post is the first one on NB which uses Disqus for commenting purposes.) While liberals have been waxing rapsodic about Greece and France voting for wasteful socialism, conservatives last night have two victories to be crowing about in Wisconsin and Indiana.

In Wisconsin, government reformer Scott Walker received more votes in the GOP primary than his Democratic challengers did in their primary. In addition, the greedy government employee unions' hand-picked candidate, Kathleen Falk, went down in defeat.

In the Hoosier State, long-time liberal Republican Senator Richard Lugar also was defeated by conservative challenger Richard Mourdock setting him up with a general election contest with Democrat Joe Donnelly, a current member of the U.S. House. Democrats are seeing visions of Sharon Angle in their heads with Lugar out but things may not be so simple considering that Donnelly is a much better candidate.

Finally in West Virginia, Democrats in that state showed their astonishing lack of support for the poor jobs record of President Obama and his wasteful love of crony "green" companies by giving a convicted and incarcerated felon, Keith Judd, over 70,000 votes in the party primary. President Obama received just over 100,000 votes, putting him at just short of 60%. Under the Democratic National Committee rules, Judd will be entitled to have delegates at the DNC convention later this summer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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