Open Thread: Obama on Video Saying He Wants Higher Gas Prices

Despite their hasty and persistent denials, evidence keeps piling up that President Obama and his Administration aren't exactly displeased at the prospect of higher fuel costs. One of the best pieces of evidence has been Department of Energy secretary Steven Chu's remarks about wanting fuel prices here to be comensurate with Europe's higher rates.

While Obama himself has also famously said that he wanted the price of coal electricity to "necessarily skyrocket," until now, there hasn't been a video of him stating the same sentiment about gas prices. Now there is. Watch below the fold.

The comments made by then-presidential candidate Obama were in response to a question about what sorts of "sacrifices" that Obama would be willing to expect of his fellow Americans. Immediately, he reverted to the left-wing faith in global warming saying we need to "get serious" about stopping it by making electrical power companies "invest" in so-called green energy which he admitted was more expensive.

The second "sacrifice" Obama wanted people to make was to pay higher gas prices. Here's his full statement:

Not only do we have to invest in mass transit, but we have also have to make sure that, we also have to make sure that people are making good decisions about cars. And their freedom--people are, you know, people are free to buy a [Chevrolet] Suburban if you want, it gets 8 miles a gallon but we can't subsidize to make sure that you have--you are able to fill up your Suburban tank at a really cheap rate because that's not the trajectory of oil prices worldwide.

So basically, forcing his apocalyptic enviro worldview on Americans is what Obama views as sacrifice. Who could've known at the time that Obama also felt the same about forcing abortion pills and birth control on religions who disagree with them as well?

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