Republicans Win Two Governor Races, LAT Focuses on Dem Regional Wins

Sometimes spotting liberal bias is like shooting fish in a barrel. The folks at the Los Angeles Times really must have been trying to make it easy, however by downplaying two Republican gubernatorial victories (state-wide) and playing up two House races won by Democrats.

"Democrats win congressional victories in California, N.Y." the paper's editors are touting on the site's home page. The linked story is similarly absurd (no wonder it has no byline).

It's almost surreal. Republicans haven't won governor's race in Virginia since 1997. In New Jersey, it's been the exact same amount of time for the GOP. Oh and did I mention that President Obama won both states? Never mind. The Times editors know where the real news is: a regional race where California Democrats were trying to keep control of a seat they already had held.

Oh and before you try the "Times was trying to localize news angle," consider that the other race the L.A. paper highlighted was for a New York House seat in a contest that was a 3-person affair until Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava threw the contest to the Democrat Bill Owens.

Doesn't matter. No matter how well Republicans do electorally, there is always going to be a cadre of media spinners predicting sunny skies for Democrats.

I have to agree with Mickey Kaus, this sort of news judgment is really tough to find.

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