Brit Hume Steps Down

Fox News anchor Brit Hume, host of "Special Report" will be stepping down after tonight's show.

His successor is scheduled to be Bret Baier, currently the chief White House correspondent for the network.

Hume is not quitting the network entirely however. He is expected to continue on as a senior political analyst, one presumes as a panelist on either "Fox News Sunday" or "Special Report."

Hume is one of the few openly right-leaning news reporters who managed to climb up the ranks of the elite television networks, first at ABC and later at Fox News.

Update 12-24 10:11. On his last program, Hume aired a tribute video put together by Fox News staffers with several prominent individuals tipping their hats to him, including Presidents Bush 41 and 43, and ABC anchor Charlie Gibson.

Watch it above.

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