Reports: Chris Matthews Unlikely to Run for Senate

Well bias busters, looks like we are probably still going to have Chris Matthews to kick around.

Two reports out today indicate that the liberal MSNBC host does not seem likely to be pursuing that Democratic Senate run that he's been flirting ever so coyly with.

First this one from Reuters:

There are indications that a decision could come soon, sometime before Inaugural Day on January 20. But MSNBC president Phil Griffin declined late last week to say whether that's true.

"I've talked to Chris. I think he's going to be here for a long time," Griffin said. "I want him to be here for a long time." Griffin said that there would be "clarity" soon.

And this one from Broadcasting and Cable wherein NBC News president Steve Capus denies a Matthews move:

B&C: Right, Mr. Zaidi could take over for Chris when Chris goes off to run for office.

Capus: [Chris Matthews] is not running for office.

B&C: He's not?

Capus: I don't think so. Well, look, if he were running for office, he wouldn't be on TV.

Hat tips: Right Soup, and Jossip.

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