Liberal Tolerance on Parade II

I mentioned earlier how whenever one of our "NewsBusted" episodes gets especially popular on YouTube, it inevitably attracts left-wing haters who simply can't take the joke being on them. It's pretty much axiomatic. Popular "NewsBusted" creates angry liberals.

Read past the jump for some of the vile stuff the hate-filled left is saying about the current "NewsBusted" episode now that it's the #1 comedy video on all of YouTube and #4 in all categories:

benlew (11 hours ago)
Conservatives aren't funny. It's not that they're bad people or they're dumb. They're just far too rigid and buttoned-up to be funny. Comedy writers and comedians are people with a screw loose in their head who see the world in shades of grey. Conservatives should stick to what their good at: raping the poor and pandering to Jesus.

halsullivan (22 hours ago)
the laugh track made it super sh---y,

ebvl27 (15 hours ago)
Wow, why are republicans so god damn boring and unfunny? You suck!

nespokesman (17 hours ago)
Amazing how America goes into these countries and kill men, women and children then steal their resources and after all that a warped, brainwashed bitch like this can call them "EVIL". Then the government itself tries to demonize them by using the media for standing up for themselves.

War has never been about freedom, it is always about profit.

chihideki1 (17 hours ago)
If this was any less funny, i believe i'd be dead. Ah, a better state than watching this

firmitas68 (14 hours ago)
Jody Miller: You suck. You suck really bad. You should be doing knock knock jokes in front of Rumsfeld. May be you would not need canned laughter then. You are lucky most illegal aliens do not know English, because you would be out of a job. You remind of the one night stands of my misspent youth, in where I felt dirty the nano second I ejaculated inside their white trash mouths. Go back to cosmetology

JobDDT (13 hours ago)
Also, I hate the smarmy smile and s--t eating grin the host has after every joke. Yeah b---h, you really knocked the socks off of that fake audience.

Nimajoon31 (12 hours ago)
This is CRAP!!! Republican propaganda makes me sick...

JobDDT (11 hours ago)
You dumb b---h. It isn't the "libs" who are giving you hatred and bile, its fans of COMEDY who are shocked by your awful delivery, sh---y writing and smug s--t eating grin after every punchline.

ichormosquito (10 hours ago)
What a whore.

jeremyshambles (6 hours ago)
just pathetic, and her f---ing shoulder sway after each awful punchline, its embarrassing and definately reeks of no talent conservatives, absolute rubbish.

There's more that I could have posted. We're clearly doing something right by angering these folks!

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