HuffPo 'Humor' Site Debuts

November 13th, 2007 10:18 AM

Arianna Huffington trying to be funny. That's scary as a concept, in actual practice it's simply unfunny as you can see by visiting 23/6, her new comedy site. Ace pretty much sums it up:

Why 23/6? Because it's not 24/7, and see their motto is "Some of the news, most of the time."

Note that the 1/2 Hour News Hour took quite a shellacking for its uninspired time-based gag name. Arianna Huffington decided that that well wasn't quite dry, and tried her hand it.

Enjoy the ineptness. The next time a liberal claims that liberals are funny whereas conservatives are dour, just shoot him the url and collect your big pile of win.

Please also note the hugely outdated "SwiftKids for Truth" ads which are parodying something from the 2004 election. Guess no one forgot to tell them comedy does have a shelf-life.

If we had even one-fourth of their budget for NewsBusted...

Allahpundit: "For extra Funny, imagine Jon Stewart mugging grotesquely after reading each store listing aloud."