NBC Malfunction: 'Today' Airs Unedited Still of Nude Women

NBC was caught asleep at the switch on Monday's Today, as the morning newscast broadcast a clip that featured two uncensored images of fully nude women – 10 years and a month after fellow Big Three network CBS aired Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl.

Savannah Guthrie led into an interview of actor Willem Dafoe by playing a clip from his upcoming movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel," but the scene included two black and white posters of the completely unclad people: [WARNING: video, including the nudity, below the jump]

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe has appeared in more than 80 films, everything from 'Platoon' to 'Finding Nemo.' And while he is marvelous as a good guy, we really like him when he plays the bad guy. In his latest movie, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' Dafoe is really, really bad.

Back in 2011, a failed NBC series, The Playboy Club, "required all actors on the show to sign a nudity clause - virtually unheard of in broadcast television." The network ultimately didn't include naked actors, for understandable reasons. However, it looks like that nearly three years later, NBC inadvertently aired the nudity that they were paving the way for.

[H/t: Brittany Cohan on Twitter]

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