Jack Cafferty Slams Obama, Mexico's President For Arizona Law 'Whining'

Jack Cafferty, CNN Commentator | NewsBusters.orgOn Thursday's Situation Room, CNN's Jack Cafferty blasted President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon for their criticism of Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law, stating that the two were "whining" about the law. Cafferty singled out Calderon for having "a lot of nerve...complaining" about the Arizona law and labeled Congress's standing ovation for the Mexican leader "disgusting."

The commentator devoted his Cafferty File segment 13 minutes into the 5 pm Eastern hour to slamming the two leaders' criticism of the Grand Canyon's State's newly-passed legislation. Cafferty wasted little time and targeted Calderon first for his criticism of the law on American soil: "Mexican President Felipe Calderon has a lot of nerve coming into this country and complaining about Arizona's immigration law, when all the state wants to do is protect itself against a flood of illegal immigrants from Calderon's country." He continued that "Calderon and President Obama are both whining about the Arizona law. Calderon, who also took the message to a joint meeting of Congress, is calling Arizona's law discriminatory."

During the bulk of his commentary, the CNN personality criticized President Obama and his administration for their conduct on the immigration issue, singling out Attorney General Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano for apparently not having read the Arizona law:
CAFFERTY: As for President Obama, he says he wants a federal fix to the immigration crisis in this country, which would have to come from the same federal government that has refused for decades to enforce laws already on the books. It's patently absurd. President Obama complains about Arizona trying to do something about a problem he- President Obama and the federal government- have created and choose to ignore.

And with all the criticism of Arizona coming from Presidents Obama and Calderon; the Justice Department; the Homeland Security Department; our federal officials, like Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano- can't even be bothered to read the law that they're criticizing. If they did, they'd find out that parts of Arizona's law are word-for-word the same- exactly- as the federal statutes on immigration. But the only thing that matters to the administration is pandering to Hispanics again ahead of the midterm elections in November.
Cafferty returned to slamming Calderon just before he asked his "Question of the Hour," and chose a new target of criticism as well- the U.S. Congress:
CAFFERTY: Felipe Calderon should spend his time trying to create opportunities for his own citizens, so they're not driven by poverty and desperation to sneak into this country illegally. This country doesn't meddle in Mexico's internal affairs, President Calderon, and you ought to keep out of ours. Quite frankly, our border security is none of your business.

Here’s the question: does Mexico have a right to complain about Arizona's immigration law? Go to CNN.com/CaffertyFile, post a comment on my blog.

They gave him a standing ovation in the House [of Representatives] today.

WOLF BLITZER: Yeah- all right.

CAFFERTY: Disgusting- just disgusting.
Near the end of the hour, all but one of the viewer comments that Cafferty read agreed with his criticism of the Mexican president:
CAFFERTY: Mike writes, 'Wow, you're my new hero. I almost agree with you. Mexico can complain about Arizona's immigration law, provided they also explain their immigration policy and explain how they treat illegals coming north across their border from Central America.'

Becca says, 'Mexico has no right to interfere in our country's business. The president of Mexico has insulted the American people, especially those in Arizona, who are fighting for their lives against the drug cartels from Mexico and an invasion of illegals. And to top that off, our own president sides with him against the American people. Our president's allegiance is to his country, no matter what. You don't insult your own people.'

Ivan writes from Brazil: 'In my country, all of us- all of us are required to carry a proper I.D. at all times, and our police are entitled to check anyone at any given time for his or her I.D. Failure to produce such an I.D. may lead to a free trip to the nearest police precinct, from where such person is only allowed to leave after proper identification is established. Driving a car down here without having your driver's license may lead to even worse consequences, like having your car impounded and a fine. Mexico is making a fuss about nothing.'

Frankie writes, 'If your family has ever been on the other side of a police officer abusing his authority, you'd understand what's wrong with the Arizona law. Felipe Calderon struck me as sincere and gutsy. He made me feel much better about both countries solving our common problems together.'

Kat writes from Texas: 'Really? No, he does not. He has a lot of nerve acting like the illegals living here are owed something. They are not. I see his hand was stuck out again, asking for more money. Once again, just like the illegals.'

And Paul writes, 'Jack, Jack, Jack- you're starting to sound like a right-wing nut. Congratulations. It's about time.'
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