CNN 'Fact Checks' SNL Obama Skit, Airs 'Daily Show' Internationally

The Situation Room on CNN’s “fact checking” of Saturday Night Live’s skit from October 3, which made fun of President Obama as a “do-nothing,” has generated criticism, according to the TVNewser blog on Wednesday. Meanwhile, CNN’s sister network, CNN International, has been airing a “global edition” of Comedy Central’s Daily Show since 2002, a program which has apparently received less scrutiny.

TVNewser’s Kevin Allocca highlighted the criticism the “fact check” report filed by CNN correspondent Kareen Wynter in an article titled “CNN’s SNL ‘Fact Check’ Generates Backlash.” Allocca cited the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto (who labeled the “fact check” a “bizarre exercise.”), the Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik (“Fact checking a comedy sketch -- I will say no more.”), and Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld, who snarked, “Seriously, reviewing an ‘SNL’ skit for accuracy is like reviewing McDonald’s for their wine list.” The TVNewser blogger also noted the Web meme that has taken off on Twitter that was inspired by Wynter’s segment.

While CNN may have taken SNL to task for it’s apparently unfair “portrayal of how Obama’s done,” as Politifact’s Bill Adair put it during the “fact check” report, their colleagues at CNN International have collaborated with Comedy Central to air “The Daily Show: Global Edition.” According to, the program is “a half-hour international weekend edition of the satirical news commentary program...The CNN International version is a compilation of the best comedy sketches that aired during the previous week on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,’...Geared toward a young, savvy late night audience, the program features Stewart’s smart wit, satire and observations on U.S. and world current affairs.”

That glowing description of this “Global Edition” of might lead one to believe that they would never “fact check” the comedic exaggerations made by Jon Stewart and the contributors to the program. reported back in January 2009 that the “Daily Show: Global Edition” has been airing on CNN International since 2002, so it’s not like they haven’t had the time to find something to “fact check.”

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