Shades of Terry Schiavo: Battle Over Delaware Woman Under Media’s Radar

Three years after the media firestorm over the sad case of Terry Schiavo, a similar battle being fought in the state of Delaware is currently flying under the mainstream media’s radar.

The Wilmington [Del.] News Journal, which is owned by Gannett, reported on Thursday that the parents of 23-year old Lauren Marie Richardson, whose brain was damaged by a heroin overdose in August 2006, are in court battling over whether to remove her feeding tube. Richardson was pregnant at the time of her overdose, and she was kept alive with the feeding tube and a respirator until the birth of her daughter in February 2007. Since then, Richardson has recovered enough that she no longer required the respirator.

Her father, Randy Richardson, has expressed wishes to take care of his brain-damaged daughter. But a Delaware court awarded Lauren Marie’s mother, Edith Towers, guardianship, which, as "The News Journal" noted, "could allow the removal of a feeding tube and end the life of his brain-damaged daughter." Mr. Richardson appealed the court’s ruling, and it could take up to three months for the Delaware court to rule on the appeal.

As of 5:30 pm Eastern time on Friday, the only mainstream media news source that has picked up on the story is "The News Journal," according to a search on Google News. Pro-life nurse Jill Stanek reported on her blog that Fox News’ "Hannity and Colmes" program will feature the program on the night of February 1.

[h/t to Jill Stanek]

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