In The Loop Columnist Releases Hillary Memoir Titles, Full of Liberal Boot-Lickers

Remember when Washington Post In The Loop columnist Al Kamen launched another frivolous, liberal pandering contest for participants to name Hillary Clinton’s memoir to make things “a little easier” for her?  Kamen is known for his inside the Beltway commentary on politics within Washington, which probably explains why bureaucrats love him. Well, after a strenuous vetting process, the winners are in, and it’s full of liberal boot-lickers, pro-Obama journalists, and former staffers of Joe Biden.

The top three that were the most interesting were from Alfred Friendly, Jr., a former reporter for Newsweek and the New York Times, who suggested Hard Times, Soft Power as his title for Hillary’s memoir.  Does anyone else feel that the name sounds like a title suitable for the Adults Only section of the Clinton Presidential Library bookstore?

The second title, Miles to Go, was from Jane Woodfin, who’s “a retired staffer from McLean. ( She noted that, much like her old boss Joe Biden’s memoir “Promises to Keep,” the title implies there more to come.”

Lastly, Fabienne Sintes, a correspondent for Radio France, picked It Takes a World (stupid title), “taking off on Clinton’s bestseller 'It Takes a Village.'"  This is probably the worst due to the lack of originality, but then again, Kamen and his pals in the media are incredibly unoriginal and derivative in their worship of all things Obama administration.

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