MSNBC's Matthews Calls Castro Address One Of the Greatest He's 'Ever Heard'

For MSNBC's Chris Matthews, every speech from a person of color who is a member of the Democratic Party is historic – or the best speech he's ever heard. After the Keynote address, on Tuesday night, by San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Matthews claimed that it was one of the greatest speeches he's ever heard. It's becoming a nasty habit.

On Monday night, at the conclusion of Matthews's Barack Obama: Making History, he said "President Obama is the product of our turbulent history, all that came before led to him." Yes, not hyperbolic in the slightest.


During MSNBC's September 4 live coverage of the DNC, Rachel Maddow asked Matthews for his reasoning. He answered essentially that as Americans of European heritage, Matthews and Maddow need to "begin to understand" the "very similar immigrant experience" of Latinos. The dreams of immigrant Latinos are "fresh" as they are "hopeful right now to get what a lot of our families got generations ago."
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