ObamaCare Estimated to Raise Premiums for 11 Million; Networks Continue Blackout

On Tuesday evening, the networks continued their blackout of a CMS estimate that ObamaCare would raise health premiums for 11 million people -- almost two-thirds of small business plans.

The CMS report was released on Friday but the networks have been silent on it so far. The story wasn’t omitted from a busy news schedule, as the CBS Evening News carved out over two minutes to reminisce on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston championship bout. The ABC World News ran a segment on “sleep whisperers” and insomnia.

An estimated 11 million will see their premiums rise, but over at Forbes Avik Roy says the problem is worse, and that late in 2014 many in the employer-sponsored market will see their premiums go up.

In another ObamaCare story that the networks ignored on Tuesday evening, e-mails from May of 2013 showed a senior White House official exasperated with the “disarray” of the ObamaCare exchanges under construction and wishing for a “come to Jesus meeting” with some of those involved.

The Washington Examiner reported that an e-mail between a senior HHS official and the president of Enroll America “reveals that HHS officials harbored deep frustrations about the White House’s own health care messaging and preparations in the middle of 2013, months before the troubled rollout.”

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