CNN Asks GOP Rep If He's 'Fighting a Kamikaze Mission'

Just after a GOP congressman told CNN's Dana Bash he was "deeply offended" by suicide bomber comparisons, Bash asked him if he wasn't "fighting a kamikaze mission" in trying to delay ObamaCare.

"Are you fighting a kamikaze mission here?" Bash asked Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.) after he said he wouldn't abandon the fight against ObamaCare to defund the government. "You know the way the Senate Democrats are going to respond. And they run the show over there."

Bash's harsh metaphor echoes White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer when he compared those Republicans fighting to defund ObamaCare to "people with a bomb strapped to their chest."

Rigell slammed such harsh rhetoric:

"When Senator Reid refers to us as anarchists and others say in the White House they don't want to negotiate with people with bombs strapped to their chest, I'm deeply offended by it. I think there's – that type of language, when you're speaking of other American citizens who really believe strongly, as I do, that this is not the best path, the Affordable Care Act, that does a disservice to the tone, to the civil debate."

At the beginning of the interview, Bash sounded quite condescending toward Rigell's proposal:

"You're a new member, but I know that you are a smart person who understands simple math. And that is that if Senate Democrats are going to do exactly what they did, you know, about an hour ago, which is swiftly reject what you're going to send them, what's the point when we are heading towards midnight and the government will shut down?"

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