Piers Morgan Suggests Gun Advocates Stand In Front of Blind Firing Squad

September 12th, 2013 3:50 PM

In a Twitter war with conservative radio hosts Ben Ferguson and Dana Loesch, CNN's Piers Morgan pitched the idea that they stand as targets for blind shooters.

The argument was over allowing the legally blind to own guns. Morgan railed against the idea and tweeted, "An idea @Dloesch @benfergusonshow > you guys stand at the end of a range and I'll get 100 blind people to fire away at targets around you."

Loesch replied, "Classic. @piersmorgan resorts to talking about shooting people when he loses an argument. Again."

In the dust-up, conservative Ben Shapiro weighed in and Morgan responded with a dose of condescension. "Ah, Little Ben @benshapiro has piped up - do you agree with Big Ben @benfergusonshow 's plan to arm blind people?" he tweeted.

"Of course not. I think it's silly. As for your condescension, save it for the 2 people who watch your show," replied Shapiro. He added, ".@PiersMorgan If I'm "physically and intellectually" small, it must be humiliating for you that I kicked your ass on your own show."

As NewsBusters reported, Shapiro has twice got the better of the CNN host. He goaded Morgan into admitting the U.S. should try a British-style gun ban, and he flustered Morgan so much that the host sneered at his pocket copy of the Constitution: "You brandish your little book as if I don't know what's in there."