CNN, PBS Fans More Likely to Vote Obama

CNN and PBS claim to be impartial and non-partisan networks, but guess who their audiences are voting for? According to BuzzFeed, a significant majority of Facebook fans of those networks are likely Obama voters.

On a graph titled "What does your favorite TV channel say about your politics?", CNN falls well to the left of center, with almost 30 percent more fans likely voting for Obama over Romney. PBS lies even further left with close to a 50 percent advantage of likely Obama voters.

CNN was even to the left of Comedy Central and HBO, while PBS was left of every network save liberal bastion MSNBC.

Ironically, CNN is still viewed by some as middle ground between conservative Fox News and liberal MSNBC. CNN anchors have denied their own liberal bias, including Piers Morgan just recently.

"Certainly at CNN there's a presumption that we lean to the left. I don't see it," Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter.

The BuzzFeed study analyzed the Facebook pages of audience members and determined their preferences through their "likes."

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