ABC's Karl Hypes 'Vintage Obama' Conclusion to DNC Speech

Not all members of the media offered a "tepid" reaction to President Obama's DNC address. ABC's Jonathan Karl hyped that Obama's crescendo to his speech that the audience loved was "vintage Obama."

"But that last part of the speech was vintage Obama, trying to get these people here, to get the people that drove his campaign, talking about we have providence on our side. They loved it," reported Karl, who added "Tears in the eyes of a lot of these delegates, a lot of tears."

George Stephanopoulos was nowhere near as excited as ABC was after Clinton's speech the night before, but painted Obama's "sobriety" as something which "makes sense in this environment."

Diane Sawyer, for her part, drummed up Obama's speech beforehand by noting that "his [Obama's] team always says, he's a fourth quarter player, he's a clutch hitter." She didn't expound on that point after the speech, however.

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