Bill Maher Slams America, Where 'Guns Are a Religion'

In light of Monday's deadly school shooting in Ohio, both CNN host Piers Morgan and liberal comedian Bill Maher embarked on a lengthy liberal screed against the current gun laws in America. Maher went so far as to castigate gun owners for making their ownership a "theology," on Monday night's Piers Morgan Tonight.

"And Rick Santorum likes to talk about theology. This is a theology in this country. Guns are a religion. They're next to godliness for a lot of people," he ranted. Host Piers Morgan found America's gun laws "incomprehensible" and balked at the "ideological dream" of the right to bear arms.

"What is it about this ideological dream of the right to bear arms that overrides any other rights, I mean the rights to not have your children killed at school?" he asked incredulously.

And of course, Maher mocked conservatives and their interpretation of the Second Amendment. "There's a lot of the right-wingers in this country who think the Constitution consists of the Second Amendment and then, blah blah, blah, yatta, yatta, whatever," he quipped.

Both liberals also expressed their disappointment that President Obama has not done "something more concrete about guns." While neither Morgan nor Maher wanted to ban all guns, they took aim at laws allowing widespread ownership even among the "mentally ill," and at the legality of gun shows.

"We need someone to stand up to the gun lobby," Maher declared.

For a full transcript, click here.

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