CNN Host Blisters GOP Field With Dem Talking Points

CNN's Don Lemon launched a heavy defense of President Obama's apology for the Koran burnings in Afghanistan, in lieu of criticism Obama has received from GOP presidential candidates. In his Sunday night segment entitled "No Talking Points," Lemon ironically threw Democratic talking points at the Republicans.

Lemon claimed neutrality over Obama's apology before offering all the reasons why it is not the scandal Republicans are claiming it to be. Lemon quoted Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Reagan apologizing for the slave trade, the Abu Gharib prison scandal, and the internment of Japanese-American citizens during World War II.

"Not up to me to decide whether President Obama should have apologized. He's not the first. He certainly won't be the last," stated Lemon. However, at the end he offered a parting shot to Republicans, and to Rick Santorum in particular.

"And if one of the GOP hopefuls ends up in the Oval Office, more likely than not, he too, at some point, will have to say sorry, my bad. And as Rick Santorum said at last week's debate, 'take one for the team'."

For a full transcript, click here.

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