CNN Demeans Republicans as Drag Queens

Dismissing Missouri's GOP Primary as nothing more than a "beauty contest," CNN contributor John Avlon used an image of Republican candidates in ball gowns and tiaras to make his point. The segment aired on Monday's OutFront around 7:15 p.m.

"I just want to give people time to soak in that beautiful graphic," Avlon mused as the picture of Republicans as beauty queens appeared in the background of the set. One can only wonder if CNN would have done the same to then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008.

"There are no delegates being awarded and in fact it's been called a beauty contest, and there's reason for that," Avlon said of Tuesday's primary.

OutFront host Erin Burnett was a bit taken aback by the image, and quipped that Newt Gingrich should be thankful that he is not on the ballot in Missouri because his face was crossed out in the picture. "He might have lucked out, John," she told Avlon.

The panel guests were ready with their one-liners. "I was averting my eyes," said National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru amidst laughter.

For a full transcript, click here.

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