David Letterman Jokes About Gingrich Abusing Wife, Mocks Gov. Christie's Weight

CBS comedian David Letterman teed off on the Republican presidential field on Monday night while barely batting an eye toward President Obama or the Democrats. The Late Show host joked at the expense of Newt Gingrich's first marriage and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's weight, while comparing former First Lady Pat Nixon to a reptile from Star Trek.

In addition, the CBS comedian dismissed the entire GOP presidential field as he insinuated that none in the group of rich boring white guys would beat President Obama in the general election.

"The big rap that's got everybody talking about Mitt Romney is that when he travels, he straps his dog to the roof of the car," Letterman began. "Did you know about that? And now, Newt Gingrich is on the attack, and he's saying well I used to do that with my first wife."

The Late Show also speculated how an interview between Oprah Winfrey and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went -- "15 minutes of hard-hitting questions. 45 minutes of the governor trying to get out of the chair." How original of Letterman to mock Chris Christie's weight!

And Letterman used the departure of Jon Huntsman from the race to sling more mud at the GOP field, rattling off his "Top 10 things people said when they heard Jon Huntsman was dropping out of the race." Number nine was "Is he the rich, boring white guy, or the other rich, boring white guy?"

Number one was "Now who's going to lose to Obama in the general election?"

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