Joy Behar: 'Clarence Thomas is Demonic'

November 3rd, 2011 1:30 PM

HLN's Joy Behar condemned Clarence Thomas as "demonic" on her Monday night show, saying that he was "in trouble with his wife" and in danger of impeachment.

"Talk about demonic, Clarence Thomas is demonic," she insisted to conservative guest Ann Coulter. The two were in the middle of a lengthy and heated spat. [Video below the break. Click here for audio.]

What Behar was probably referring to in her charges against Thomas was the liberal movement to impeach the Supreme Court justice for perjury, for "lying" on his financial disclosure forms that his wife earned no income when she supposedly had.

Behar also hinted that Condoleezza Rice, the former Bush Secretary of State, was "stupid."

Coulter had noted that former counter terrorism czar Richard Clarke had called Rice "stupid," to which Behar replied "Well maybe he knew something, I don't know," and later supported her case by adding that he is "quite brilliant."

A transcript of the segment, which aired on November 1 at 10:39 p.m. EDT, is as follows:

ANN COULTER, author, "Demonic": Richard Clarke is the one who called Condoleezza [Rice] stupid. Thank you.

JOY BEHAR: Well maybe he knew something, I don't know.

COULTER: Oh, so you're calling Condoleezza Rice stupid.

BEHAR: I happen to think Richard Clarke is quite brilliant.


COULTER: And they certainly say that Clarence Thomas is stupid. Black conservatives (Unintelligible) come under the most vicious –


BEHAR: Talk about demonic, Clarence Thomas is demonic.

COULTER He's a saint.

BEHAR: He's not stupid. (Laughing) He's a saint. He's in trouble with his wife right now. He could get impeached.


COULTER: – what the wave of liberal opinion is and you come back with only your opinion, whereas when I describe conservative opinion, you come back with some tiny little thing that allegedly Rush Limbaugh said that I've never heard, other than the one that was in the L.A. Times article.


BEHAR: Well I was giving you an example of somebody on your side who also makes racist comments.

COULTER: "The Magic Negro" was a headline in the "L.A. Times" that he was reading from.

BEHAR: And what about the idea that Obama came through affirmative action. Isn't that a major diss on a person? The guy's is – was the –

COULTER: I don`t know what your –

BEHAR: They like continuously like to say that Obama got there because he's not a citizen, he came through affirmative action, all this stuff as if he's not qualified to be President.


COULTER: No, I just think he's incompetent. I haven't heard anyone say that. He's utterly incompetent.


BEHAR: But you never said Bush was incompetent. Then Bush was the most incompetent president we've ever had, in this country

COULTER: How did we get to these constant racist attacks on conservative blacks to –


BEHAR: 'Cause you went to incompetent.

COULTER: No, but the point is –

BEHAR: You say the word "incompetent," I see George Bush's face. Call me crazy.


COULTER: To the contrary we say we don't like the stimulus bill, we don't like ObamaCare, we don't like him planning to raise taxes or start class warfare. And their answer to us is you must be a racist, you hate him because he's black. That's why they hate Herman Cain.

BEHAR: And you say the minute we go after a back guy on your side, you say it's a high-tech lynching.

COULTER: No, I'm saying it's specifically because it's the only argument they have.