Ed Schultz: Is Fox to Blame for Botched National Anthem?

Seemingly looking for any way to smear the Fox network, MSNBC's Ed Schultz pointed the finger at Fox for singer and four-time Grammy winner Christina Aguilera's botched rendition of the National Anthem. "Maybe I'm being too critical," Schultz added as he hid behind politeness.

It may not be as bad as "jokingly" blaming the anthem's very author, or blaming President Obama, but Schultz's comment came off as a cheap shot nonetheless.

Aguilera received widespread criticism for her performance, where she repeated the same line twice at different parts of the script. "I guess she just really liked the 'What so proudly' line," chuckled Schultz, who by and large excused Aguilera for her error. "It takes guts to get up there in front of all those people and do that," he remarked, "we all probably would have screwed up, right?"

But Schultz did not save any remorse for the Fox network, which aired the Super Bowl. "For a network like Fox putting itself up there as America's network, reading the Declaration of Independence, flags just pasted everywhere, you would hope that they would get the national anthem right," Schultz snidely remarked.

"Maybe I'm just being too critical," he quickly added.


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