Nicolle Wallace Urges Dems: Make Republican 'Domestic Terror Threat' Your Midterm Theme

July 29th, 2021 8:55 AM

Nicolle Wallace has let the Democrats' cat out of the bag regarding the January 6 hearings. 

Somebody should have told Wallace that she wasn't supposed to admit that the 1/6 hearings are fundamentally about giving the Dems a platform for the 2022 midterm elections. But Wallace couldn't help herself.  On her MSNBC show this afternoon, after admitting that "this is absolutely political." 

NICOLLE WALLACE: Here's my question for you, Ben Rhodes. This is absolutely political. These are the political supporters of the most prominent politician in the Republican party. Of course this is political. And I’m not arguing that this was a good idea, but September 11th was in the foreground of the midterm elections in ‘02 when Bush’s party held the — held Congress. 

And I wonder what your advice is. I think the security questions of the Republican party as a domestic-terror threat, that were raised by the police officers whose political affiliation is unknown, should be front and center for the Democrats in these midterm elections.

The policemen who testified, their "political affiliation is unknown"? Nicolle isn't reading The Federalist, which had an instructive roundup of Harry Dunn's leftist and riot-defending tweets. 

Former Obama aide Ben Rhodes predictably agreed, attempting to paint Republicans as hypocrites on law and order.

BEN RHODES: Yeah, absolutely, Nicolle. This is a message that the Democrats should absolutely be driving between now and the election. Because it gets at the fundamental hypocrisy of the Republican party, that uses language about law and order, and about law enforcement, to conceal the fact they in fact are the danger to democracy. And they are the ones who won't even back up the very police officers who protect them.

WALLACE: I hope they're listening to you.

Remind us, Ben: which party has an extreme base pushing "defund the police?"

Good luck to Nicolle and her fellow Democrats if they think 1/6 will make 2022 voters forget about rising inflation and Covid infections, and Biden's increasingly blatant inability to fulfill his presidential functions.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace advising Democrats to adopt as the key to their 2022 campaign the Republicans' supposed "domestic terror threat" was sponsored in part by Verizon and Trivago