Nicolle Wallace Gushes 'I Love It' as Obama Aide Bashes US in Profane Rant

July 31st, 2020 7:38 PM

How would you expect a decent, patriotic, TV host to respond to a guest who claims other countries see our country as a "god------ s--- show?" Outrage? Challenge him?

Sorry: forgot to mention that this was MSNBC. On Nicolle Wallace's show this afternoon, former Time editor turned Obama aide Rick Stengel told Nicolle Wallace  that the leaders of other countries view the US as a "god------ s--- show." Wallace, far from reprimanding Stengel, gushed "I love it!" and proceeded to repeat the vulgarity. 

Even when Stengel sought to apologize for his outburst, saying "I'm sorry," Wallace rushed to reassure him: "It's perfect: you're perfect." 

Wallace also claimed: "now you know why Rick Stengel was coveted at the highest levels of government." Right! Because who wouldn't want an aide who will go on national TV and spew sacrilegious obscenities about the United States?!

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Nicolle Wallace Rick Stengel Deadline White House 7-31-20

Here's the transcript.

Deadline White House
4:38 pm EDT

NICOLLE WALLACE: And my question for you is, what do we look like to the leaders of foreign governments? 

. . . 

RICK STENGEL: If you look at esteem for the US around the world, I mean, we’re at low points that we haven’t been at probably since the end of World War II. 

And I think the people are looking at the way Trump has handled the coronavirus and thinking, you know what? Maybe I don’t always like the Americans kind of interfering in our elections, or talking about democracy. But we’ve always thought they were competent. Well, now we’ve exploded the image of our own competency where people around the world look at the United States and think, this is a god------ s--- show, that these people don’t even know how to run a two-car funeral. 
. . . 

WALLACE: And now you know why Rick Stengel was coveted at the highest levels of government, because he spoke in brutal truths: a god------ s--- show. I love it, Rick Stengel. Thank you for spending some time with us. 

STENGEL: Sorry about that.

WALLACE: It’s perfect. You’re perfect.