Joy Reid Show Combines Ignorance of American History with Death Wish for Donald Trump

July 4th, 2020 2:34 PM

Different host, same joyless vitriol . . . 

With Joy Reid poised to take over Chris Matthews' former weekday slot on MSNBC, Reid's weekend show was guest-hosted today by Tiffany Cross, who's been a regular guest there. It didn't take long for Cross to demonstrate that the show's level would not be elevated should she become Reid's permanent replacement. 

The very first segment, dedicated to a discussion of President Trump's Mt. Rushmore rally, served up a rancid stew, combining Cross's ignorance of American history with nothing short of a . . . a death wish for President Trump. 



Cross commenced the questionable cavalcade by declaring that Mt. Rushmore is:

"the most grandiose symbol of US imperialism on Earth." 

Who knows what Cross is studying in her role as Resident Fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics? But it apparently isn't American history. Otherwise, she would have surely known that Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence from British imperialism! And that George Washington was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army that fought and defeated British imperialism!Tiffany Cross AM Joy 7-4-20

Next, it was time for Gyasi Ross, twitter handle @BigIndianGyasi, to vent. After calling the presidents memorialized on Mt. Rushmore "slave-owning, racist, horrible, horrible white men," Ross took his venom up a notch, literally expressing a death wish for President Trump:

"It’s a clown show, and you know, hopefully, we send this clown back to the circus so maybe he can get eaten by a lion."

And if a conservative had openly favored the same fate for, say, a BLM leader?

Bottom line: it looks like the angry, intemperate, and often ill-informed farrago that has been AM Joy's stock in trade will continue after Reid moves on to weekday prime time.

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10:01 am EDT

TIFFANY CROSS: Donald Trump chose the most grandiose symbol of US imperialism on Earth to usher in a very on-brand, star-spangled spectacle, complete with fireworks and military flyovers. It was Trump's predictable way of throwing red meat to his base--the cult-like following he so desperately needs at the ballot box as he tanks in the polls. But let’s talk some truth here. Mt. Rushmore isn’t exactly the innocent ode to our Founding Fathers as described in our textbooks. And it’s high time we disrupt that false narrative that far too many people believe. 

. . . 

GYASI ROSS:  It’s not enough that we’re going to do this in sacred lands of Lakota people, and a place that has been marked by — it’s been polluted, it’s been desecrated by putting these slave-owning, racist, horrible, horrible white men in 60-foot statues on this wall . . . His spectacle, yeah, it’s kind of what we expect from Donald Trump. It’s a clown show, and you know, hopefully we send this clown back to the circus so maybe he can get eaten by a lion. But, you know, what I’m taking from it is the fact that we have so many people that are willing to sacrifice, to stand up to these spectacles and get to real tangible change as opposed to just the symbols of change coming up in about 130 days at the election, and get rid of this dude and start toward something of meaningful import.

These death wishes for Donald Trump brought to you by Fixodent (and don't forget it).