Joy Reid Guest Blames White Media Execs, Voters, for Kamala Flop

November 11th, 2019 10:36 AM

Kamala Harris is languishing in fifth place in most primary polls. And in a sign of just how moribund is her campaign, a supporter has taken to blaming white media executives and, yes, the voters, for Harris's flop.

On Joy Reid's MSNBC show, Sunday, regular guest Tiffany Cross announced that she was going to ignore the taboo against blaming the voters. She proceeded to blame them, citing the reaction of listeners to Harris's interview on The Breakfast Club podcast with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. According to Cross, instead of focusing on Harris's policy proposals, the talk in "barbershops and beauty salons" was about whether Harris had smoked marijuana, and her musical preferences. "Who gives a crap?" demanded Cross, given that we have a "crazy person in the White House."



Cross then blamed Harris's relatively meager media coverage on white executives at the cable news networks. She claimed that whereas newsrooms might be "full of diverse people," the "editorial decision-makers . . . are not very diverse, and I think that reflects in the coverage, unfortunately." 

Of course, the reality is that at places like MSNBC and CNN, there is virtually no diversity of opinion in newsrooms or at exec levels--it's uniformly liberal. And it's a joke to think that the same MSM that lavished fawning coverage on Barack Obama when he burst on the scene in 2007 is now shunning Harris based on her race.

Note: this was the same Tiffany Cross who, back in February, declared that Kamala needed a "strong black man" as her advocate, the implication being that her white husband wouldn't do when it came to appealing to "people who look like us." But if those media people of pallor are biased against Harris because she's black, wouldn't having a "strong black man" as her advocate potentially exacerbate the problem? So which is it, Ms. Cross?

Note also that in blaming Breakfast Club listeners and people in "barbershops," Cross was, in essence, criticizing black voters for being insufficiently supportive of Harris.

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10:59 ET

TIFFANY CROSS: There is a thing that you say, you should never blame the voters. It is always the candidate's fault. I'm going to take a step away from that and say, no, we can blame the voters. When Senator Harris went on the Breakfast Club, that interview with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, she talked about her policy, she talked about her LIFT act, she talked about her record as a prosecutor. What came out of that interview on the blogs and the chatter at barber shops and beauty salons and book club discussions was did she really smoke weed and who was she listening to, and Snoop's album didn't come out till later. Who gives a crap, you know? Like, we have a crazy person in the White House. Let’s focus on the substance of what she’s talking about.

So I think, you know, the campaign probably could have done some different things going up to secure a home first to secure that black base. You should never assume that black people are with you because you're the black candidate. But they've been doing a lot of work and they have not gotten the recognition in the media. And I think that’s largely because you might have a newsroom full of diverse people. But when you get to the editorial decision-makers in most cable news outlets, they are not very diverse, and I think that reflects in the coverage, unfortunately.

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