Joy Reid: I'll Explain Impeachment Simply So Even Trump Supporters Can Understand

November 9th, 2019 11:43 AM

Liberals love to condescend to conservatives, imagining us to be a bunch of benighted rubes. We poor, misguided souls will see the light once the veil is lifted from our eyes by kindly liberals carefully explaining things at a level within the ken of our limited intellectual capacity.

Combine that with the trope of relatives arguing politics over Thanksgiving, and you have Joy Reid this morning on her MSNBC show. She imagined a "cranky Uncle Roscoe" yelling "read the transcript!" She promised to provide viewers with all they needed to know about impeachment, so they could "easily explain [it] to Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol."



Reid counseled viewers to eschew describing the cast of characters, or trying to explain "quid pro quo." Instead, she suggested that people keep it simple by saying that Trump engaged in extortion and bribery in his dealings with the Ukrainian government.

Reid condescendingly concluded: "even Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol ought to understand that."

Gosh, aren't we lucky to have our betters like Joy Reid around to explain things to us?!

Note: Reid also took the obligatory liberal shot at Thanksgiving itself, belittling it as merely a "food holiday" with a "problematic actual history."

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10 am ET

JOY REID: We are just over two weeks away from one of the most beloved American food holidays: Thanksgiving, where problematic actual history meets delicious cuisine and many will be heading home to spend time with family and friends, eat a little too much, and perhaps engage in a dreaded, contentious political debate with your cranky Uncle Roscoe when he starts yelling, "read the transcript!" at the dinner table between bites of turkey and pumpkin pie. 

But fear not, we here at AM Joy are going to help you get through it all by telling you everything you need to understand about impeachment. So that you can easily explain to Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol before you all settle in to yell at each other about football.

. . . 

Here’s a hint. Do not worry about trying to explain the cast of characters or the way, or the very overused term, quid pro quo. Most people can’t say it, spell it or understand it . . . What we’re actually talking about here is not a pithy Latin phrase. It’s something a lot simpler. Bribery and extortion. That's it. . . . This is a case of presidential-level bribery and extortion . . . and beyond the whistleblower and 100 hours of testimony backing up that fact, Donald Trump admitted to it, and even released edited notes from his call with the Ukrainian president, which by the way is not a transcript, that actually prove he did it! Even Uncle Roscoe and Auntie Carol ought to understand that. 

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