Scarborough: 2020 Dems Going Radical on Illegals Is a Big Warning Sign

September 10th, 2019 10:30 AM

Gee, who could have seen that coming? Millions of Americans don't like decriminalizing illegal entry into the country, or having their private health care insurance taken away.

Joe Scarborough has figured out that those and other radical positions the Dem presidential candidates have adopted have turned off many Americans. And he's worried that could cost the Dems the White House in 2020.

On today's Morning Joe, a concerned Scarborough cited a tweet by liberal New York Times columnist David Leonhardt that contained a poll showing that, in the wake of the Democrat debates, Republican voter ID has risen to equal that of Democrats. 



Here's Scarborough's take: 

Morning Joe
6:06 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We saw a poll that David Leonhardt put out on Twitter last night that showed that the Democrats actually had an advantage in 2018 on party identification and it wasn’t really even close. Now, a year later, after the first three Democratic debates it’s even as far as party identification, you know, would you support Republicans or do you support Democrats? It’s now down the middle. And so much of that is not because of Donald Trump, whose numbers have fallen precipitously, it’s those debates, where Democrats are ridiculing ObamaCare as being too conservative, attacking Barack Obama on immigration, talking about decriminalizing illegal immigration, talking about giving healthcare plans to illegal immigrants, talking about forgiving basically all debt, medical debt, student debt, $22 trillion in debt as a nation. For a lot of Americans this just doesn’t add up.

WILLIE GEIST: Yeah, and that’s why you’ve seen Joe Biden remain where he is, because he hasn’t gone into that territory. For all the problems he’s had, for all the mistakes he’s made and the misstatements he’s made on the campaign trail, he hasn’t gone to that place of eliminating privacy insurance and providing health care to people who are here undocumented. So, that is the central concern in this race. If you let Donald Trump just do his thing, Democrats feel like they can beat him because he's going to bury himself. But they have to be very careful not to bury themselves in their own debate process. 

That comes on the heels of a Leonhardt column, "Democrats, Stop Helping Trump," making the broader point that the far-left positions adopted by the Dem prez candidates could hand re-election to President Trump.

Willie Geist observed that, despite his stumbles, Joe Biden has remained in the lead because he has not ventured into that radical territory. Perhaps Biden hasn't gone quite as far as some of his rivals, but as this article documents: "Biden’s current set of policy prescriptions would likely be considered radical if they had been proposed in any previous Democratic presidential primary."

Note:  Scarborough's most surprising statement was his description of illegal immigrants as . . . "illegal immigrants." Joe should brace for the PC police to descend upon him. Surely Joe knows that in approved liberal-speak, it's "undocumented immigrants." At least Scarborough didn't go the full Rush Limbaugh and call them "undocumented Democrats."