CNN Host Offers DNC Sales Pitch: Vote Democrat to 'Do Better' on Gun Control

August 21st, 2019 10:54 AM

Was it a gun-control spiel from a Democrat presidential candidate? A TV ad from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence? Nope. It was Alisyn Camerota, an ostensibly objective CNN news host, telling viewers on Wednesday morning's New Day that if you want more gun control, you're just gonna have to vote Democrat in 2020.

Camerota was reacting to some reports that President Trump doesn't intend to push for further background checks (in fact, the White House is saying that expanded checks are still on the table. But Camerota insisted that "this is as good as it gets" with Republicans on gun control, that they do nothing. (Bump stock bans, anyone?) Then, after portentously noting that Americans are preparing "to send our kids back to school," she declared:



ALISYN CAMEROTA: I think that it is really helpful to know, finally, how the President and Republicans in the Senate feel about guns and about whether there are any solutions. I think it’s very helpful for Americans to know: this is as good as it gets. This is all, this is all you can ever hope for. They’re not presenting any solutions, they don’t feel like coming back from August recess to figure it out. The President has backtracked again. So we have to believe this is his real position. 

So as we all prepare to send our kids back to school next week, I think it is just good for Americans to know that they’ve given up. Okay? So now we just have to accept that, do we like it like this, or do we think that, you know, in — if voters think that in 15 months there’s a way to do better, then they know what their choices are. Cause it’s very clear this morning.

Got that? Believe we can "do better" on gun control? You know what your choices are: Vote Democrat!  All that was missing was the tag line: "the preceding message paid for by the DNC."

CNN is probably mad that Republicans don't take their policy cues from CNN. Last week, the New Day crew was demanding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cancel the August recess to pass new gun-control measures.