Malcolm Nance Tells Joy Reid: Foreign 'Cabal' Could Make This America's 'Last Free Election'

July 27th, 2019 3:18 PM

Has Malcolm Nance watched The Manchurian Candidate one time too many? The MSNBC regular has gone off the--very--deep end, propagating a scare-mongering theory literally envisioning the end of America as we know it.

Nance told Joy Reid on her MSNBC show today nothing less than that "this could be the last free and fair election in American history." Why? Because a foreign "cabal," composed of some dread farrago of North Korea, China, and Russia, will manipulate the results.



Reid lapped up Nance's horror story, actually inviting him to paint the "worst-case scenario," claiming "scaring is caring."

Our Curtis Houck recently caught former MSNBC host Krystal Ball ripping MSNBC in general, and Rachel Maddow in particular, for selling wild Russian conspiracy theories. The Nance/Reid cabal, so to speak, with its fear-mongering about the end of American democracy, might top anything Maddow has tried to peddle!

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10:10 am EDT

MALCOLM NANCE: Back in the ‘70s, remember all those made-for-TV movies where they would show the shadowy group that would actually be referred to as “The Man,” actually manipulating the giant levers of how people were controlled and what happened in the government? No one ever believed that there was "The Man." Now we’re seeing it. You can actually see the political machinations, where one person, in a cabal of others, are deciding whether American elections from now on or even before will be free and fair. This is not just voter suppression. We may have a circumstance where the electoral process is directly attacked. Where foreign actors, whether it's North Korean intelligence, which has a very robust cyber -warfare capability, and it's in their interest to keep Donald Trump in office, the Chinese, or again, Vladimir Putin and his entire Russian organ. The Republican Party defends them. They do not stand for the Constitution of the United States. And if they attack this election, it may be the last free and fair election that we go into which may come out with a corrupt result, which could fracture this nation.

JOY REID:Let’s just do a little scaring is caring, as we like to say. Give us, if the next election is intervened in not just by Russia but maybe by North Korea, maybe by China, maybe by many other autocracies that would like to do business with Donald Trump. Number one, give us what that scenario could look like. Give us our worst-case scenario. What does that look like if our elections are no longer just between Americans and other Americans?

NANCE: This could be bad. And I don’t say that with any measure of hyperbole. My entire life has been boiled down to, my career goals were, intentions of our enemies and warnings, giving you And I am not joking when I say this could be the last free and fair election in American history.