CNN's Camerota Counsels Dems: Time to Come Up with 'New Name' for 'Socialist'

July 16th, 2019 10:42 AM

Not just a CNN co-host anymore!  Alisyn Camerota is now also serving as a volunteer Democrat strategist. On this morning's New Day, Camerota suggested that in order to avoid being branded by Republicans, Dems should "come up with some sort of new name" for "socialist."

Camerota made her remark in the context of claiming that House GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Sen. Lindsey Graham are trying to redirect the conversation away from President Trump's recent comments about The Squad, and toward the fact that The Squad members are socialists.



ALISYN CAMEROTA: And so, Aisha [Moodie-Mills, Dem strategist], do you think what I hear Kevin McCarthy and Senator Lindsey Graham doing, is, as I said, redirecting. so trying to get away from the racist comments that President Trump said, and trying to say, well, these women are socialists. That’s what people should be upset about. That's what the President should be talking about. They’re socialists. 

Do you think the Democrats are making a mistake, tactically, because you’re a strategist, of allowing themselves to be branded as socialists, not coming up with some sort of new name? Do you think that they’re winning, the Republicans are winning, in that kind of branding exercise?

Aisha Moodie-Mills (spouse of fellow Dem strategist Danielle Moodie-Mills) insisted Trump is taking the easy road of "How you can't stand and hate people based on virtually nothing but difference." There's no difference between capitalism and socialism?

She talked around the S-word, suggesting Dems stand for "inclusion and diversity" and their messaging loses to Republicans because "it's easy to be nasty and spiteful." Democrats are never nasty and spiteful? 

Anyone have a helpful suggestion for Alisyn and her fellow Democrats. What would be your "new name" for "socialist?"