Whoops! CNN's Van Jones Thinks Iowa's Steve King Represents California!

C'mon: give Van Jones a break. California is, after all, the nation's second-leading producer of sweet corn... 

On CNN's New Day this morning, Van Jones -- host of his own CNN show on Saturday nights -- commenting on controversial statements on race made by Republican congressman Steve King of Iowa, identified King as representing...California. Said Jones:

"I'm embarrassed. I mean, I'm raising my family in California. I'm embarrassed that Californians have sent him back [to Congress.]"

Co-host John Berman did his diplomatic best to clean up Jones's mess, responding:

"Steve King: congressman from Iowa. Kevin McCarthy is the Minority Leader from California."

So who's "embarrassed" now? Look closely at about 0:26 into the clip and you'll catch Jones' reaction as Berman corrects his flub.

New Day
7:09 am ET

ALISYN CAMEROTA: Back to you, van, because of Congressman Steve king. Congressman Steve King, re-elected, who says, what is so wrong? What's the problem with white supremacist? Why do we feel bad about that term? What's the problem?

VAN JONES: I'm embarrassed. I'm raising my family in California, I'm embarrassed that Californians have sent him back. We've known that he was a closet bigot for a very long time. Now he's just basically out the closet. 

. . . 

JOHN BERMAN: Steve King, Congressman from Iowa. Kevin McCarthy is the Minority Leader from California, he came out and condemned the statement.

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