Horrified Mika: 'I Don't Think Women Are Going to Flock to Ted Cruz'

Morning Joe regulars know that Mika Brzezinski has made a virtual art form out of her facial expressions and body language. On today's show, Mika put on a particularly demonstrative display of horror while asserting what she sees as Ted Cruz's lack of appeal to women voters.

The question on the table had been Donald Trump's surprisingly strong showing among women in yesterday's New York Republican primary. The Donald scored 59% of women voters, almost equaling the 63% of men voters he garnered. Gene Robinson was stumped to explain it. When he posited Ted Cruz as the alternative to Trump, someone to whom voters would be expected to "flock," Mika broke in: "I don't think women are going to flock to Ted Cruz." Mika accompanied her comment with animated expressions, looking to the sky, taking a deep breath then sharing a horrified look with someone offstage to her right. You can catch Mika's contortions 40 seconds into the video clip. See also screencap below.

Note: Mika indicated that she did have a theory as to why Trump did so well with women voters, but said she wouldn't divulge it immediately, preferring to let it "play out a few more times." 

EUGENE ROBINSON: Why did [Trump] do so well with women, you know, specifically I don't know except obviously people -- Ted Cruz got zero delegates, right? If Cruz is the anti-Trump and he's the one to whom people offended by Trump are going to flock. 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, I don't think women will flock to Cruz. 

ROBINSON: Well, they didn't flock to John Kasich either. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So Mika, tell me why? 

MIKA: You know what? I don't think I can -- I'm not going to put it into words right now but it's going to play out a few more times and then I'll say it. But I was not surprised by the results yesterday by Trump among women. 

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