Mika Rips Rubio: 'Sucking Up' to Trump to be His VP Pick

February 24th, 2016 8:34 AM

And we thought Joe Scarborough was the one who had it in for Marco Rubio . . . Turns out, Mika Brzezinski really doesn't dig Rubio. At all. 

On today's Morning Joe, Mika painted Rubio as an unprincipled pol "sucking up" to Donald Trump in order to be his VP pick. Mika: "he's the only one who will go against everything he believes in and say whatever Trump wants him to. He'll do whatever Trump tells him to do." Ouch. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: He [Rubio] and Ted Cruz -- I'm sorry, I don't want to offend anybody any more than I already have, but when I see these guys talking I see first-term senators that are reading rehearsed lines. To go to Mika's point --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Which is perfect for a vice-presidential candidate, which is why he's sucking up to Trump and hoping to get that. Come on. This is so obvious. 

. . . 

JOE: Michael Steele, Marco Rubio won't attack Donald Trump. Donald Trump won't attack Marco Rubio. Should we go ahead and just get a picture of them clasping hands right now, Photoshop it?

MIKA: Because Marco Rubio is the only one -- well, first of all he's necessary on a number of levels, but he's the only one who will go against everything he believes in and say whatever needs to be said, and Trump knows that he can prop him up perfectly, and that he will follow suit. He will do whatever Trump tells him to do. He will do that. That's why he'll be his vice-presidential pick. 

KATTY KAY: You can say Ted Cruz has a history of shifting positions, too. 

MIKA: Well, that's what I'm saying. He'll switch on anything, he'll do anything, he'll say anything.