Omarosa Owns Chris Matthews' Pitiful Palin Attack

Hey Chris Matthews: is GloZell qualified to be President of the United States? How about John Travolta or Joy Behar?  

On his MSNBC show this evening, Matthews attacked Sarah Palin's legitimacy as a Trump endorser by questioning her presidential qualifications. GloZell, Travolta and Behar are all Hillary endorsers. So how about it Chris: which of them could you imagine in the Oval Office? Trump advocate and former Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault demolished Matthews' absurd attack, saying she was supporting The Donald for president, not Palin or anyone else.

Note: Matthews is obviously on an anti-Palin jag.  As our editor Ken Shepherd has noted, Matthews yesterday attacked Palin by claiming she would turn off "thoughtful" suburban women.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I understand the whole appeal, the way she takes on the establishment. But peel it all off, is she the person you want to see in the White House as president? 

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: In the White House doing what? 

MATTHEWS: Being president or vice-president? 

MANIGAULT: You're saying -- 

MATTHEWS: Would you want to see her in the White House as president, Omarosa? Sarah Palin.

MANIGAULT: Clearly I want to see Donald Trump as president. 

MATTHEWS: No, but under any circumstances would you want to see Sarah Palin as president? Any circumstances?

MANIGAULT: As president? 


MANIGAULT: I want to see Donald Trump as president. I have no opinion. 

MATTHEWS: You're dodging the ball here.

MANIGAULT: I'm dodging because you talk about gotcha. That's a gotcha!

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you for an opinion because you're out here selling Trump and her's got her as his surrogate. I'm asking you -- 

MANIGAULT: He didn't announce her as his vice-presidential running mate, He announced her as a surrogate. And none of the surrogates have to go through a vet like they're running for president. They just but have to accomplish what you want them to accomplish. And in this case, she is going to help him win Iowa. That's why she is endorsing him.

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