'Me Too!' Politico Reporter Assures Harris-Perry He's Also a Feminist

October 12th, 2015 10:13 PM

Isn't that sweet: a Politico reporter assures a far-left MSNBC host that when it comes to a major issue, he shares her political viewpoint.

On this evening's Rachel Maddow show, guest host Melissa Harris-Perry happened to mention that she was a "feminist." Hardly had Harris-Perry uttered the words when Jake Sherman, congressional correspondent for Politico, broke in to assure her "me too!"

The irony is that, as eager as was Sherman to declare his allegiance to the feminist cause, Harris-Perry had mentioned her own feminism only to set up something of a laugh line. She said that as a feminist, she believes that "no means no," but went on to josh that even so, she's not sure that Paul Ryan means no when saying he's not interested in being Speaker. 

Imagine a pundit being interviewed by a Fox News reporter, and when the pundit declares himself a conservative, the Fox reporter interrupts to say "me too!"  You'd never hear the end of it in the MSM.  But because this was a reporter outing his own liberalism, don't expect to hear anything about it in the liberal media

JAKE SHERMAN: Now, there are some people on the right that are beginning to say he's a squish, he's a RINO, he's not a real conservative. Which, I man, you can say what you want about Paul Ryan, but he's a pretty big conservative and a well-known conservative, someone whose conservative credentials are kind of unimpeachable. 

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: So, Jake, I'm a feminist, and so I fundamentally believe that -- 

SHERMAN: Me too! 

HARRIS-PERRY: Right? Right? So I fundamentally believe that no means no. But I do have to wonder if Congressman Ryan is playing a little bit here, if there is a kind of theater to this so that in fact he becomes a consensus candidate because everything seems to be falling apart and that actually allows him to do kind of a power play in walking into the Speaker role