Sharpton Uses Rand Paul To Take Civil Rights Shot at Hillary

The look on Al Sharpton's face was that of a mischievous cat who had just swallowed the canary. It came right after the Right Reverend concluded his remarks about Rand Paul and Hillary on today's Morning Joe.

Sharpton's gist was that, by speaking out on race [in a Time op-ed] in ways unaccustomed for Republicans, Paul presented a challenge to Hillary to clarify her own civil rights record.  Sharpton suggested that "many of us in the civil rights community" question the Clintons on race, citing triangulation, the Sistah Souljah moment, and Hillary's position on the Omnibus Crime Bill.  View the video after the jump.

Could Sharpton be sending a not-so-subtle warning to Hillary not to take the support of black leaders and voters for granted?  Could he wind up pushing Hillary where [with the general election in mind] she doesn't want to go—to the left on some of these issues?  

Could it be time for Hillary to get back down to Selma and give another "I don't feel noways tired" speech?

I'll be back with the transcript.

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