Thomas Roberts On Why He'd Take Testosterone Despite Risks: 'I Want to Live Today, Borrow From Tomorrow'

Latest dispatch from the Department of Too Much Information: Thomas Roberts wants you to know that if diagnosed with low-T, he would take a testosterone supplement "without hesitation."

More surprising is Roberts' reckless attitude.  Asked whether testosterone's possible health risks would dissuade him from taking the hormone, Roberts replied: "No. I want to live today, I will borrow from tomorrow."  Roberts' startling admission came during today's Morning Joe segment on Time's current cover story, "Manopause," which looks into the testosterone-supplement boom and its associated dangers.  Roberts' statement shocked his fellow panelists. View the video after the jump.

Readers are invited to weigh in.  I'm guessing many will raise the issue of Roberts' homosexuality.  My two cents say that there are millions of guys out there—from high-school jocks to aging men trying to regain their youthfulness—who are taking T, and the great majority of them are straight.

THOMAS ROBERTS: I want to know more about "manopause." If the doctor told me that I had low-T, I would take this without hesitation.

NANCY GIBBS: And without wondering what the possible health risks are?

ROBERTS: No. I want to live today, I will borrow from tomorrow.



ROBERTS: We only got the now. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I know what's supposed to happen today between you and I. But I don't know --

WALLACE: I feel like I've already gone there with Donny [Deutsch]; I can't do it today.