Sam Stein Wonders Whether Liberalism Works at VA

Red Alert at the White House! How bad is the VA scandal? Bad enough to make even such as Sam Stein question liberalism. The VA scandal is getting so grievous for the Obama admin and for the liberal project at large that it has led even liberals to reconsider their most cherished ideological beliefs.

On today's Morning Joe, Sam Stein of the Huffington Post wondered "is liberalism, is progressivism, in this instance the right thing" given that the additional money the Obama admin spent on the VA has not yielded results?  View the video after the jump.

Ponder just how bad things are for the Obama admin, and for Dems having to run in '14 with Obamacare around their necks, when this crown jewel of government-run health care is such a disaster that it is causing liberals like Stein to desert?


JOE SCARBOROUGH: We have another story where the President learns about this from news reports.

SAM STEIN: Well, if they were to say he didn't know about it from news report, then the logical follow-up question is what did you do about it when you heard about it? I think the trouble with the White House spin is this: their comeback is, well we put more money into the VA system than our predecessor. But that begs the follow-up question of what good was the money for? And I think that leads to further questions of is liberalism, is progressivism in this instance the right thing? Does money mean solutions? I just don't think there are any good answers here. Obviously, as you mentioned, the VA is a terrible bureaucracy. When the President said he wanted to make it a 21st-century VA, that was a promise he made on the campaign trail and the logical follow-up questin is, where did you fail?

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