Pop The Paxil! Super-Subdued Obama Speaks To Supporters

Tonight's Organizing For Action conference call with President Obama was billed as "exclusive," and indeed it was . . . in the sense that anyone in the world who signed up for it could listen in.

I was one of the lucky few hundred thousand, and was dumbstruck by how depressed President Obama sounded.  Looks like SNL was onto something. Listen to the brief, edited audio clip from the conference call, and compare and contrast the super-subdued tone with the soaring rhetoric from the good old hope 'n change days of the 2008 campaign.  More after the jump.

The president kvetches about "misinformation" about Obamacare, recognizes that his supporters' work was greater than anything he ever accomplished as a community organizer, and admits that the Obamacare website will always be limited and that people will have to sign up via mail, by phone and person.  He ends with this stunningly naive admission: "it turns out purchasing insurance for a lot of folks is complicated."  Who knew?

Will the MSM report on President Obama's shockingly subdued, low-affect tone while speaking with his most enthusiastic supporters?


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