Elections 2014: Katty Kay Keeps Hope Alive For Dems

November 15th, 2013 2:40 PM

Amidst all the liberal doom and gloom stemming from the Obamacare debacle, at least someone's trying to keep hope alive for beleaguered Democrats . . .

On today's Morning Joe, the BBC's Katty Kay did her best to paint a scenario in which Dems go into 2014 with Obamacare working, and the election results would not be the "disaster" that Republicans are assuming.  View the video after the jump.

Of course it's true that with the 2014 elections a year away, many things could happen to turn the tide against Republicans.  But Kay seemed to be not so much prognosticating as pulling for a favorable scenario for Dems.  And if Dems are going to do well in 2014, I'd say it would have to be because some other issue forces Obamacare off the the front burner.  The likelihood that, a year from now, Obamacare will seen to be working well seems miniscule, given that its problems go way beyond the website, and to the intrinsically untenable economics of the plan itself.

KATTY KAY:  If David Axelrod is right and if we're looking at this in a year's time going into the mid-term elections and the kinks in the website have been worked out and enough young people have--all ifs--enough young people have signed up, there is a chance, isn't there, that Democrats can go into the mid-terms with a policy that actually does at that stage seem to be working? This may not end up being the disaster that Republicans are today assuming it will be.