Donny Deutsch: Obamacare So Damaged, Doubt It Ever Fully Comes Back

If President Obama has lost Donny Deutsch, has he lost the Hamptons?  But seriously, the adman has generally been an an enthusiastic supporter of the President.  So when he gives a very pessimistic prediction as to the ability of Obamacare to rebound from its . . .  debacular debut, it's worth noting.

On today's Morning Joe, Deutsch described Obamacare as so "tarnished" and "damaged" that he doubted that it could ever fully recover, even if President Obama took Joe Scarborough's advice and attempted a total reboot.  View the video after the jump.

What if Deutsch is right, and the answer to the question of where Obamacare goes from here is . . . nowhere?


DONNY DEUTSCH:  I think he's in a quagmire anyway, to tell you the truth. Once a movie has an opening weekend and it fails, it's very hard to put that genie back in the bottle. My concern with this, we are asking people to modify their behavior, with is difficult to begin with. So now we have this kind of debacle out of the gate, starting with 100,000 people signing up, 5 million people losing their health insurance. It's been so tarnished that I don't know how you put the genie back in the bottle. It's been so difficult getting here, that even if he does that: do-over, timeout, reboot. I think that the perception right now is so damaged, I don't know if he ever, I don't know if this legislation ever fully comes back.

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