Andrea Mitchell's Pro-Obama Syria Spin Too Much Even For Carville

September 12th, 2013 8:40 AM

How do you know when an MSM member is pushing pro-Obama spin to the absurd?  When even the most partisan of Dems, in the person of James Carville, can't stomach it.

On today's Morning Joe, Andrea Mitchell, claiming that the world was "coalescing" around Obama's position on Syria, said that there was "a lot of optimism" surrounding the Obama team's negotiations with the Russians.  Mitchell said she had seen this kind of thing before back in the 80s, when the US negotiated arms control with the Soviet Union.  "It starts slowly but things happen," comforted Mitchell.  All this was too much for Carville, who forsaw a future in which the negotiations went on and on and led nowhere. Said Serpent Head: "I love Andrea and she's optimistic. God love her, I hope she's right. Count me a little more pessimistic." View the video after the jump.

Watch Andrea's shameless support for a president who makes Jimmy Carter look bold and decisive.


ANDREA MITCHELL: So world opinion is coalescing around the U.S., the British, the French position. It's all a bargaining game and I really see a lot of optimism here. This could blow up in a day or two or this could result in a joint statement that they are going to the next step. But I covered arms control with Reagan in the 80s and the first time I came to Geneva was for that first Gorbachev/Reagan meeting in November of 1985. And it starts slowly but then things happen. If it's going to work you'll begin to see in the next -- you'll see some signals in the body language here, then you'll see in the next weeks and months that they are getting down to serious negotiating.

. . .

STEVE SCHIMIDT: The whole premise of this is preposterous. The only question is is how long it's going to take our policymakers to figure that out.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: How far is the president going to bend on this?

JAMES CARVILLE: It's just going to go on and on and they'll do this and they'll come back. And it's just a situation we'll live with for the foreseeable future. They'll keep it going and they'll agree to something and then fall off and then do something else. Look, I love Andrea and she thinks, she's optimistic. God love her, I hope she's right. But I'm more, count me a little more pessimistic.