MSNBC Displays Viewer F-bomb Twitter Bio

In the closing minute of today's Way Too Early on MSNBC, guest host Thomas Roberts invited viewers to use the hashtag #WayTooRowdy to submit descriptions of the best party they'd ever attended.

The show proceeded to display a tweet from viewer N-Boyyy saying that "one time I had been to a party and there was this goat in the living room drinking beer from a bucket."  Just one problem: MSNBC also displayed N-Boyyy's Twitter mini-bio, in which he described himself as "Just a kid living life and giving no f----s along the way."  The f-bomb was unexpurgated on screen. View the video after the jump.  Warning: not suitable for children.

Roberts concluded the show by saying "hopefully I'll be invited back." Just a random wish, or was Roberts aware of/approve what had just happened?  Was this a control-room mistake, or was MSNBC trying to be "edgy"?

The tweet comes at 0:16 into the video clip.  MSNBC kept it on screen for six full seconds.