Heilemann Trashes 'Vanity Fair' As A Bunch Of Drunks

Do people still mail resumes? If so John Heilemann can save himself the stamp required to send his to Vanity Fair, should he ever consider a shift from his current spot at New York.

On today's Morning Joe, Heilemann bizarrely trashed—excuse the pun—the staff at Vanity Fair.  Said the Game Change co-author: "it's well known Vanity Fair has a congenital, pervasive alcohol dependency problem . . they're all drunk over there." View the video after the jump.

Heilemann's odd attack came during a discussion of Vanity Fair having inexplicably named Joe Scarborough to its list of best-dressed newsmen.  Granted, it's hard to imagine why the man who made the grungy morning fleece famous would be named to such a list.  But that hardly explains Heilemann's vituperative attack.  There seemed nothing light-hearted about it.  Anyone out there have the inside scoop on why Heilemann would take such a . . . shot at another mag?  

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Did you see Joe was on the Best-Dressed list? And Willie--you're so best-dressed. It's nice to see you there. I don't get Joe, though. He's dressing right now.  I don't think it's best-dressing.  

JOHN HEILEMANN: Whose Best-Dressed list was that?

BRZEZINSKI: I love Vanity Fair, but I'm confused. This is the man who invented the morning fleece, and who is right now stumbling, putting his pants and shirt on, and I'm sure his tie will be on backwards.  I don't get it.

. . .
HEILEMANN: It's well known that Vanity Fair has a congenital and pervasive alcohol dependency problem, as an institution . . they're all drunk over there.

BRZEZINSKI:  I don't know what you're getting to, but OK, anyhow.

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