Harold Ford, Jr.'s Bold Admission: 'I Don't Socialize With Terrorists'

March 8th, 2013 8:53 AM

Way to go out on a limb, Harold!. . . Of all the Morning Joe regulars, Harold Ford, Jr. is on my short list of those who bring the least to the table. Ford seems more interested in cultivating friends and avoiding offense than in saying anything interesting or—heaven forfend—controversial.

Ford took his penchant for finding something good to say about everyone to absurd new heights on today's show.  On the one hand, Harold showed respect for Rand Paul's filibuster. On the other, he actually broke out the hoary "my dear friend" in saying he wasn't as worred about the drone policy as is Ron Wyden. And Harold is confident that President Obama will uphold the Constitution.  Ford even claimed that AG Eric Holder did "a phenomenal job" in answering questions on the drone policy. We're running out of hands, here, Harold! Matters reached an absurd crescendo when, after observing that those who hang out with terrorists put themselves in peril, Ford proclaimed "I don't dine, socialize or spend time with people who are on a terrorist list around the globe." Good to know! View the video after the jump.

Willie Geist, hosting in Joe and Mika's absence, landed a gentle jab at segment's end.  After the ever-ingratiating Ford observed how good Geist was looking this morning, Willie retorted "more of Harold's series, 'Dining With Enemy Combatants,' later."

Note: the closest Ford came to singing anything other than praise was when he said "I thought the person that was most out of line in all of this was probably Ted Cruz, but that's another conversation."  Another conversation, of course.  Harold wouldn't want to stem his stream of verbal back-slapping with any actual criticism.


HAROLD FORD, JR.: As I've said on this show many times before, Joe and I disagree. I think if you socialize, dine with, spend time with known terrorists that are on the list of those who want to do harm to America, you put yourself in peril. I don't dine, socialize or spend time with people who are on the terrorist lists.

At segment's end . . .

FORD, JR.: Like I say, you look good this morning.  "Today" show has come to Morning Joe this morning. I love it.

WILLIE GEIST: Stop it. Stop it. What we're going to do: we'll have more of Harold's series "Dining With Enemy Combatants," a little bit later.